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Child and Family Eye Care

We Are Committed To Providing Comprehensive Eye Care Of The Highest Quality To You, Your Family And Community


Child and Family Eye Care


6700 Woodlands Pkwy #150
The Woodlands TX 77382
United States


(281) 363-4362

Welcome to our eye care clinic in The Woodlands, TX! Our clinic is conveniently located in the Sterling Ridge strip mall and offers a variety of eye care services to the whole family. From comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, to a selection of the latest eyeglass frame brands and designs, we're here to help. Along with our many basic eye care services, we also offer sports vision training. Every second counts in sports. Even if you are a fraction of a second off the mark, every little error can make all the difference. Sports vision training helps hone the connection between the eyes and the brain, to speed up reaction times, improve eye-hand coordination and improve depth perception and 3D vision


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