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907 N Superior St,
Toledo Ohio 43604
United States


(419) 313-0781


**Moldovac - Toledo's Leading Mold Remediation Experts**

Nestled in the heart of Toledo, Moldovac stands tall as a beacon of hope against the silent, yet pervasive adversary - mold. Mold can disrupt the story of a home, business, or any other space. It can cause health problems and damage to property. That's where Moldovac steps in, ensuring that the story remains untainted.

Mold remediation services are tailored to Toledo's unique climate conditions by Moldovac. Mold is not just a superficial problem. It can be found deep within, and is often not visible. It can compromise air quality, and pose serious health risks, especially for those with respiratory problems, allergies, or weakened immunity systems.

But Moldovac's expertise doesn't stop at mere identification and removal. Mold prevention is as important to us as its eradication. We are rooted in the holistic care philosophy. By addressing underlying issues such as dampness control and offering solutions like HEPA filtration, we aim to transform spaces into mold-resistant sanctuaries. Every step, from initial assessment to post-remediation guidance, is executed with precision, care, and a deep-seated respect for the properties and lives of Toledo residents.

In a world where the environment constantly changes and challenges abound, Moldovac remains steadfast in its mission: to ensure that every indoor space in Toledo breathes purity, health, and safety. For mold concerns, there's one name the community trusts, one expertise they rely upon, and one commitment they believe in - Moldovac, Toledo's mold remediation paragon.


About Toledo

Toledo ( tə-LEE-doh) is a city in and the county seat of Lucas County, Ohio, United States. At the 2020 census, it had a population of 270,871, making Toledo the fourth-most populous city in Ohio, after Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. Toledo is the 84th-most populous city in the United States. It is the principal city of the Toledo metropolitan area, which had 606,240 residents in 2020. Toledo also serves as a major trade center for the Midwest; its port is the fifth-busiest on the Great Lakes.The city was founded in 1833 on the west bank of the Maumee River and originally incorporated as part of the Michigan Territory.

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